December 5, 2017

About Us

Who We Are

The Student Disability Center provides support for students with both permanent and temporary disabilities. This can encompass physical disabilities,  chronic illness/health conditions, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, temporary disabilities.

Vision and Mission


The Student Disability Center will transform Colorado State University into an inclusive and accessible university where programs, services and environments are usable by all people.


The Student Disability Center leads the campus community through collaboration and partnerships in its commitment to recognize disability as a valued aspect of diversity. The center provides Colorado State University with accommodation services, support, education and consultation in order that people with disabilities may have a greater opportunity to achieve social justice and equity.

Our mission is rooted in social justice. While we focus on accommodations for students, we are also committed to advocating for accessibility in all aspects of campus life. We strive to promote the understanding that disability is part of the diversity of being human and those who have disabilities have worth and value to society as much as any other person

As part of the Division of Student Affairs, the SDC is also committed to fulfilling the goals and objectives of the division in support of students and the university. SDC is part of the both the Student Diversity Programs and Services cluster and the Academic cluster within the division.

The SDPS cluster is made up of offices that strive to create a multicultural, diverse, and welcoming environment for all students. In addition to SDC, the SDPS cluster includes:

The academic cluster is made up of offices that strive to support students by providing programs and services to support student success initiatives and retention. In addition to SDC the academic cluster includes;