May 31, 2020

Meet Your Student Representatives

Representation of the disabled student population throughout campus in decision-making, administrative councils, and involvement is important to CSU and its community. Your voices are represented in the following ways:

ASCSU Senators

Your ASCSU Senators represent your student voice in the ASCSU Senate by voting on student-created bills, putting forth and sponsoring legislation to better the community, and collaborating with partners to enhance campus awareness and landscape for students. Your ASCSU Senators are:

ASCSU Senator: Tessa Roberts

My name is Tessa Roberts and my pronouns  are she/her/and hers. I grew up in 21 states and 3 countries before settling on moving back to Colorado. This fall will be my second year double-majoring in Biomedical and Mechanical engineering here at CSU. I have a hearing alert dog, Bailey, who accompanies me during errands and activities. Our favorite things to do when not studying or working is to go hiking or kayaking.

The best contact for me is email: or by cell phone text message only: (512)-221-0432

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you! Thanks!

ASCSU Associate Senator: Miles Robinson

Contact Miles at

ASCSU Associate Senator: Ariadne Athey

Contact Ariadne at

President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee (PMSAC)

In an effort to keep student voices and needs in the minds of leadership, the President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee (PMSAC) convenes with representatives from all Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) offices and various areas on campus. The Student Disability Center also provides 1-2 representatives on this committee to represent the needs and voices of disabled students at CSU.

Current PMSAC Representatives:

Miles Robinson

Inclusive Community Advisors (ICAs)

The Inclusive Community Assistant (ICA) is a live-in student staff member in Residence Life. ICAs provide strategies for, and assist residents and staff with creating inclusive communities, promoting CSU’s Principles of Community, intentional conversations, peer mediation and support programming and collaborative efforts with Student Diversity Program and Services (SDPS). ICAs are knowledgeable about campus resources and their services to students. Utilizing diverse and educational programs they will challenge members within the community to grow both personally and academically. The ICAs along with other staff members and residents are responsible for helping to create an atmosphere conducive to study and enjoyment. They are there to help residents learn how to live respectfully and responsibly with other individuals and how they can contribute to a positive campus climate.

Current SDC ICA:

Monica Johnson,