February 1, 2018

Accessible Text Accommodations

Accessible text accommodations are helpful for students who are unable to read or have difficulty with, printed material. Text is converted to an accessible format, either a digital format or Braille.

Prior to receiving accessible text accommodations, the student will be referred to the Assistive Technology Resource Center for an assessment for the most effective format. Once determined, textbooks and other print materials can then be converted into this format, which includes digital-text (PDF, DOC, etc.) and Braille.

Students who have visual impairments or have specific learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia) have found accessible text accommodations useful, if not essential. For students with learning disabilities, an auditory compensation method and input can often enhance comprehension.

Digital-text is text that is converted to a format that allows a student to access the material through technology. Accessible text accommodations provided by the SDC converts required print material into digital files to be read either visually and/or with the support of speech reading adaptive computer software/hardware. If necessary, required books are unbound and then scanned for the conversion process. The book is re-bound and given back to the student once this process is finished. This same process is also used for translating print material into Braille. Books may also be obtained by the SDC directly from the publisher. Students must buy the book which will be used by SDC for conversion.

All books required in an accessible format should be requested for conversion the semester preceding the term for which they are needed. On average, a four to six weeks lead time is necessary to process these requests effectively.

Many textbooks have been converted into an audio format by Learning Ally, a non-profit service organization that provides educational and professional books. It is highly recommended that students apply to Learning Ally as a source of accessible text for student use as well as future professional needs.

Accessible Text Request Process

Students who are wanting to request their textbooks for the first time need to follow this process.

  1. Meet with an SDC accommodations specialist to get accommodation and referrals.
  2. Meet with a staff member at ATRC to determine the best format to have your textbooks converted into.
  3. Make an appointment with the SDC coordinator of alternative text accommodations to begin the conversion process. Purchase and bring your textbooks to your appointment.
  4. Books will be converted in about two to three weeks.

Please contact the SDC or ATRC with questions.

Returning Student Requests

Students who have already gone through the accessible text request process once, do not need to go through the full process again Once a student has met with ATRC to determine the best format for their books they can go directly to the SDC coordinator of alternative text accommodations to request their books.