February 1, 2018

Note-taking Accommodations

Note-taking assistance accommodations are helpful for students who are unable to take notes in a class due to their disabilities. One method of support is to use volunteer peer note-takers, usually recruited from within each class as needed. Students are encouraged to select a note-taker that best supplements their own note-taking style. Carbonless paper (NCR paper) will be provided, or copies of notes made, by the SDC if a volunteer note-taker agrees to the duties of a note-taker according to SDC criteria.  When a volunteer note-taker is not a sufficient support for a course, the SDC will attempt to provide a paid note-taker.

Another method that might work in some classes for some students is to digitally record lectures to capture the auditory information. Digital recorders, Live Scribe Pens, or other digital recording software/apps may be available on loan from the Assistive Technology Resource Center.

Students with some types of cognitive/learning disabilities and students who are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing benefit from note-taking support as well as students who physically may not be able to take notes in a class.

There are basically two methods used to solicit and secure note-takers: through student initiative or through the assistance of the SDC.

Student Initiative:

A student may ask permission from an instructor to make an announcement in class for a volunteer or the student may have the instructor make the announcement.  A student may also more discretely request help from students sitting near them in class.

SDC Assistance:

At the request of the student, SDC staff will contact the course instructor and ask them for assistance in identifying a potential note-taker. A student’s desire for anonymity within a class will be respected but is not guaranteed if essential to the process of obtaining notes. When paid note-takers are used, these individuals may be recruited from other areas on campus and may or may not be students.

For more information on the process of obtaining and using in-class note-takers, contact one of the SDC accommodations specialists

If a student needs more support in note-taking than can be provided by a peer volunteer, other alternatives are provided depending upon availability of resources.  These arrangements are made only through the recommendation of one of the SDC specialists or director.