February 1, 2018

Note-taking Accommodations

Note-taking assistance accommodations are helpful for students who are unable to take notes in a class due to their disabilities.

Our primary method for providing note-taking support is through the use of assistive technology. We have a close partnership with the Assistive Technology Resource Center which is able to provide different kinds of technology to assist students with their note-taking. Students who are interested in using assistive technology to support their note-taking will meet with an ATRC staff member who will help identify the best kinds of technology to support a student.

There are a number of free or low-cost note-taking programs/apps available to anyone. The ATRC provides quick-start guides on how to use some of these free/low-cost options.

Other forms of note-taking support that can be provided include:

  • ability to digitally record the lecture audio
  • access to copies of PowerPoints and lecture slides
  • a note-taker