February 1, 2018

Transportation Accommodations

Our office offers transportation support services on a limited basis. This service is meant to be a supplement to the public transportation system, so students are encouraged to check out the Around the Horn bus route for rides across campus and Transfort for the MAX bus route and other bus schedules. If the public transportation routes are not able to meet students’ needs, they may reach out to SDC for supplemental services.

SDC provides rides using an accessible van (with ramp) or through the use of a golf cart (not suitable for those using wheelchairs). This service is available to assist students across campus only. Rides are arranged as close to the times requested as possible. Reservations for scheduled rides are on a first come, first serve basis and dependent upon the availability of drivers. This service is only available during the academic school year and is not conducive to last minute requests.

First priority is given to rides associated with academic obligations for students with permanent mobility limitations or other restrictive disabilities.  Other rides may be negotiated with the SDC depending upon the availability of drivers. Students who experience temporary mobility limitations may also be eligible for this service.

Requests for transportation support services for a semester is required at least one week prior to the beginning of classes.  Three to five-day notice is required in order to accommodate other requests.