February 6, 2018

Transportation Policies and Procedures

The Student Disability Center (SDC) provides limited transportation services for students with mobility or visual impairments, as well as other conditions that significantly affect their ability to travel around campus. Transportation services are designed to supplement other transportation resources that may be available to a student, including personal arrangements and public transportation systems. The SDC transportation services are not required by statutory regulation; they are offered merely as another option for students in traversing the campus.

Eligibility and Approval

Eligibility for these services is determined by an assessment of a student’s individual needs by an appropriate SDC staff member. Students must have appropriate documentation of a disability as determined by the appropriate SDC staff member. The effects, or limitations, of the disability, must also support the need for transportation support services as assessed and verified by the SDC staff member.

Transportation services may be requested by a student or recommended as an accommodation by an SDC staff member. Approval as an accommodation is made by an appropriate SDC staff member.

All students who request transportation services for the first time must meet or have contact with an appropriate SDC staff member. Once approved, transportation services must be requested by a student for each semester in order to continue this service. All student requests for transportation services are submitted to the SDC transportation services coordinator. Approval and continuation of services will be documented.

Provisional Status Approval

Students with temporary disabilities due to injuries affecting their ability to travel may also be eligible for transportation services. Students who are temporarily disabled due to injuries or other acute conditions may be granted provisional status through their recovery.

Provision of Services

Depending on the number of students utilizing this service specific times for pick up from any location are not guaranteed. Assigned rides will be scheduled so that a student arrives at a destination on campus prior to the time needed for a class or other academic commitment. Transportation support services are not conducive for last minute requests.

Procedures for Requests

To request transportation service for the semester, a student must contact the SDC transportation services coordinator and provide the following information:

  • The number of rides needed
  • The days and times the rides are needed
  • The desired location for pick up and drop off for each ride

Students with temporary mobility limitations must indicate how long they intend to use the transportation service.

Students are to submit their requests for daily services as soon as they are aware of the need. The SDC will implement the service no later than the following week from the time the request was submitted. One time and emergency requests may only be fulfilled based on the availability of drivers.

Requests for rides will be honored as close as possible to the original request time without jeopardizing a student’s class schedule. Due to driver and rider schedules, however, it may be necessary for students to adjust their requests for rides in terms of time and locations.

Transportation schedules are difficult to change depending on the number of students using the service, so users are encouraged to make as few changes as possible during the semester.

Priority of Service

Service is generally provided across campus only.  Rides are limited due to the availability of drivers. Exceptions to this arrangement can only be approved by the SDC director as recommended by the SDC transportation services coordinator.

Priority is given to students with permanent mobility disabilities. Students with other needs for transportation will be scheduled for rides dependent upon the availability of drivers and established commitment to students with mobility impairments.

The priority of rides is associated with a student’s class schedule and other academic commitments only.

Cancellation of Rides

The campus area occasionally experiences severe weather caused by snow storms. In accordance with university policy concerning snow emergencies, SDC reserves the right to cancel rides on days deemed unsafe on campus. Riders will be notified of the cancelation via email.

Cancelation of rides may also be made due to the mechanical difficulties or scheduled maintenance of the vehicles (van/golf cart). In such cases, riders will be notified as soon as possible so that alternative means of transportation can be arranged if possible.

Rider Responsibilities/Cooperation

  • Drop off and pick up locations are agreed upon between the student and the SDC transportation services coordinator. These locations should remain as consistent as possible throughout the semester.
  • Riders are responsible for canceling their rides by calling the SDC at least one hour prior to the scheduled ride. Other than for emergencies, regularly scheduled rides should be canceled no later than 24-hours before the scheduled time. Students who consistently (more than three consecutive times) fail to notify SDC of canceled rides may be subject to a suspension of service. Students who consistently cancel rides may also result in a discontinuation of services. Students will be notified if suspension or discontinuation of service is implemented and given the conditions for reinstatement.
  • If suspended or discontinued for services, the student must meet with the SDC transportation services coordinator and be recommended for reinstatement for approval of the SDC director.
  • All wheelchair users are required to wear safety belts while in the van. All wheelchairs will be tied down and riders must wear vehicle safety belts while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Although all attempts are made to be on time, there may be circumstances that cause a driver to be late. Drivers or another SDC representative will call the rider if it is known the ride will be delayed. Riders are requested to wait at least 15 minutes before finding alternative transportation and/or contacting the SDC.
  • Riders are expected to wait at, or near, the scheduled pick up point until the vehicle arrives. Drivers will not be expected to “search” for riders. If a driver does not find a rider at the appointed pick up location, they are allowed to leave after 15 minutes.
  • Only a student approved by SDC is eligible to be a passenger on a vehicle. Friends/family cannot accompany a rider due to university insurance requirements.

Driver Responsibilities

  • All drivers hired must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Driver’s licenses will be checked through CSU Police Department prior to allowing any person to drive either vehicle.
  • Drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws, use only the approved travel patterns of the campus, and to know where the vehicle is allowed and is not allowed to park on campus (i.e., where service vehicles go, the SDC vehicle should be allowed; parking in designated disabled parking).
  • No driver will be allowed to transport any student in the van without training which will include:
    • An orientation to the safety requirements of passengers and drivers
    • Operation of the accessible ramp
    • A test drive
  • All drivers must wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Drivers may be expected to assist riders getting to and from the van at a designated location. If a driver assists a rider to a class, they are to turn off the vehicle and lock it before leaving the vicinity of the vehicle.
  • Drivers are not allowed to do tasks beyond the scope of their responsibility as a driver for any student rider. Drivers are not expected to physically lift any rider in order to assist them.  Note: drivers are allowed to assist a person in a wheelchair in entering and exiting the van.
  • Drivers are required to wait 15 minutes from the scheduled time for passengers to be ready. A driver is not required to “search” for a rider. Consistent delays on behalf of a rider should be reported to the SDC transpiration services coordinator.
  • If a driver knows they will be late, or unable, to pick up a rider, the driver is to notify the rider and/or the SDC as soon as possible so that an alternative method of transportation can be arranged if feasible.
  • Drivers must notify the SDC transportation services coordinator as soon as possible if involved in any accident or incident with an SDC vehicle. Drivers are not allowed to use an SDC vehicle for personal reasons unrelated to SDC functions. Friends/family of drivers are not allowed as passengers in any vehicle due to university insurance requirements.
  • Drivers are also responsible for keeping the vehicles clean, full of gas and charged. Any mechanical defects noticed by drivers must be reported to the SDC transportation services coordinator as soon as possible.


Exceptions to the above policies may be made based on individual student need and circumstances only through the approval of the SDC director. Exceptions may be requested from the SDC director by the student, SDC accommodations specialists, and/or transportation services coordinator.