January 29, 2021

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Academic Coaching

Students working with the Student Disability Center may request academic coaching services when available. Academic coaching is a learning partnership between a student and their coach that serves to deepen their learning, improve their self-awareness, and advance effectiveness of their personal and academic outcomes. Coaches remain curious, non-judgmental guides through the student’s academic career, holding a mirror to a student’s actions and dreams at critical junctures of their journey.

Unfortunately, due to short staffing we will not be able to provide academic coaching during the spring 2022 semester. However, there are other resources on campus that offer similar services

Other Academic Coaching Resources

Academic Advancement Center (AAC)

  • Available to residential undergraduate students
  • Free of charge
  • Student’s must apply and be accepted into the program
  • Services include one-on-one support, tutoring, career preparation, events, and more

Opportunities for Post-Secondary Success (OPS)

  • Fee-for-service based program
  • Open to any student
  • Provides individualized one-on-one support and mentoring.

Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS)

  • Free of charge
  • Available to adult learners and veterans
  • Services including peer mentoring and support.

Collegiate Success Coach at the Collaborative for Student Achievement (juan Rivas)

  • Juan works with students on a one-time basis prioritizing students who are in the academic probation process, students who are navigating academic policies/appeals,.

ASCSU Senators

Your SDC ASCSU Senators represent the interests and advocate for the needs of the disabled student population through this position appointed by the SDC. Senators vote and bring resolutions and bills, sometimes with funding, that impact students across the CSU community. Contact your Senators to provide feedback and input on the student experience!

Ariadne Athey

ASCSU Senator
Vice Chair, Internal Affairs Committee
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Do you want to become an ASCSU Senator or Associate Senator? Contact brittany.otter@colostate.edu to find out more!

Recent Legislation:

Committee for Disabled Student Accessibility (CDSA)

Colorado State is committed to physical and digital accessibility, and to live up to this commitment, has instated a student fee to ensure all accessibility projects are adequately funded. The Committee for Disabled Student Accessibility (CDSA) offers the opportunity for students to make a change on campus by determining how these student fees will be used to enhance the accessibility of campus.  For more information, or to get involved, contact the SDC Director.

President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee (PMSAC)

In an effort to keep student voices and needs in the minds of leadership, the President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee (PMSAC) convenes with representatives from all Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) offices and various areas on campus. The Student Disability Center also provides 1-2 representatives on this committee to represent the needs and voices of disabled students at CSU. For more information or involvement, contact the SDC Director.

Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society

Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society is a student organization that honors mentally and physically disabled college students who have achieved academic accomplishments and advocate for their disabled community. Visit the CSU DAPi Ramlink page to apply to the organization and keep updated on events and goings-on. Contact csu.dapi@gmail.com with any questions.

Membership Requirements:

Undergraduate Student

  • Self-identify as having a disability and be registered with the SDC
  • Have completed 24 credit hours
  • Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.1 or higher

Graduate Students

  • Self-identify as having a disability and be registered with the SDC
  • Have completed 18 credit hours
  • Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher

American Sign Language Club

ASL Club is a group of students/faculty who love sign language and deaf culture! Through fun events and activities, we hope to educate the community about this great language and the people who use it. No sign language experience is required!

American Sign Language is a vibrant, complex visual language used by millions of people around the country. ASL Club hosts fun social meetings every week! Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates about or meetings and events. Join the organization on Ramlink.

Contact Information


1200 Center Ave
Clark Building C Room 110
Fort Collins, CO 80523
United States
Contact EmailE: csuamericansignclub@gmail.com
Phone NumberP: 720-940-7181