New Fall 2020 Accommodation & FAQs Info

Hi SDC students, families, and community members,

In June, we sent out a Needs Assessment survey asking our students about their questions, concerns, and needs for returning to campus this fall semester and received over 180 responses. We then set out to answer your questions and developed the Fall 2020 Accommodations  & Frequently Asked Questions site, which we will continue to update as we receive more questions and answers. You can also find this site by click on the orange button labeled “Fall 2020 Accommodations & FAQs” on our home page

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or needs not addressed in these FAQs, or if you would like to begin working with us for the first time, we encourage you to contact us by or 970-491-6385. We may return your phone calls from a private number or out of state area code since we are using cell phones due to remote work.

We look forward to working with you this fall and are grateful for your continued collaboration with us.


Student Disability Center team