January 30, 2018

Community Resources

Community-Based Disability Resources

Disabled Resource Services (DRS)

Phone: 970-472-2700

DRS is a community-based independent living and disability support center. They offer a variety of services to support independence such as Independent living skills training, peer mentoring, individual and systemic advocacy, and Social Security application assistance

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a federal program that supports individuals with disabilities succeed at work and live independently. They offer services such as one-on-one vocational rehabilitation counseling and guidance, physical and mental restoration services, and job-related services, including, job-seeking searching resources, job placement, and job coaching.

Ensight Skills Center

Phone: 970-407-9999

Ensight providing tools, counseling, and training to those who are blind or have low vision. They aim to empower people towards independent and productive living.

Fort Collins Adaptive Recreation Opportunities

Phone: 970-224-6027

The City of Fort Collins offers a variety of adaptive recreation opportunities including adaptive classes, clinics, and a Paralympics Sports Club.

Fort Collins Commission on Disability

The Commission on Disability serves as an advisor to the City of Fort Collins City Council on issues relating to citizens with disabilities. In its role as an advocate for citizens with disabilities, the Commission on Disability: develops educational programs to acquaint citizens with issues affecting individuals with disabilities; forms special committees to review and address particular issues; works together with other Boards and Commissions and the City Council to provide recommendations to assure compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the 1990 Americans with Disability Act (ADA), the Fair Housing Act and other legislation relating to persons with disabilities; and serves as ombudsman between City departments, the private business sector, and the community of citizens who have disabilities.

Good Day Pharmacy

Phone: 970-224-1212

The Good Day Pharmacy is a local pharmacy that rents out wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

Mobility and More

Phone: 970-461-8400

Mobility and More is a local company that provides adaptive devices to those with mobility impairments.

Healthcare Resources

Associates in Family Medicine: CSU Clinic

Phone: 970-237-8200

Associates in Family Medicine operates a clinic out of the CSU Health and Medical Center that is open to the general public. The clinic features walk-in urgent care services as well as extended weekday and weekend hours.

Mountain Crest Behavioral Health Center

Phone: 970-207-4800

Mountain Crest Behavioral Health Center helps adults and adolescents with mental health issues and substance abuse issues achieve a balanced life and a high level of health and well-being. Mountain Crest offers thorough mental health assessments and treatment programs for adolescents, adults, senior citizens, and families. Inpatient and outpatient programs are available.

SummitStone Health Partners

Phone: 970-494-4200

SummitStone Health Partners is a local non-profit healthcare provider for Larimer County residents who support consumers of all ages through innovation-driven, compassionate, and comprehensive treatment of mental illness, behavioral disorders, and substance abuse.

Salud Clinic

Phone: 970-484-0999

Salud provides healthcare at a reduced cost depending upon a clients financial means.

Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Center (SAVA)

Phone: 970-472-4204

SAVA provides crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling for all those affected by sexual violence.

Transportation Resources


Bustang is an inter-regional express bus service that runs along I-25 and I-70. It connects Fort Collins to Loveland and Downtown Denver. From Denver, riders can transfer to other Bustang routes that connect them to Colorado Spring and Glenwood Springs. Bustang features free WiFi and bathrooms on each bus.

During the academic year, Bustang runs a special weekend route from campus to Downtown Denver.


Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door paratransit service for individuals who, because of a disability, are prevented from using Transfort’s fixed route system. Dial–A-Ride is an application based services and documentation of disability is required. There is a fee associated with using Dial-A-Ride. Fees are dependent on the amount of distance traveled. Dial-A-Ride can transport riders outside of Fort Collins as long the ride originates from within the city.


Transfort is the public bus system in Fort Collins. Routes run around the city and campus, many of which stop on and near campus. The MAX route from the south end of Fort Collins to Old Town and stops on campus.

Yellow Cab

Phone: 970-224-2222

Yellow cab is a local taxi service that offers rides around Fort Collins and the surrounding area. They also have wheelchair accessible vehicles.