December 6, 2017

Students: Schedule an Exam

Alternative Testing Accommodations:

The Alternative Testing at the Student Disability Center will be proctoring exams in person for on campus classes and virtual exams for students in virtual classes during the summer session.

If you receive accommodations through the Student Disability Center and are taking summer courses on campus please schedule those via the online schedule portal found at the links below.

If you receive reader/scribe accommodations, paper-based exam accommodations, assistive technology accommodations, or exams proctored by the SDC accommodations, and are in online courses during the summer sessions please connect with the Alternative Testing center over the phone at 970-491-3574 or via email at and/or to set up exam exams for the summer.

If your Canvas exam does not show your extended time, DO NOT START, connect with your instructor and the SDC.

If you are experiencing any issues receiving your accommodation or you are concerned about how specific accommodations are being support with online exams please connect with our Coordinator of Alternative Testing at or call the ATC at 970-491-3574, or connect with your accommodation specialist.

For questions or concerns related to scheduling, or if you encounter any errors/bugs please connect with the SDC’s Coordinator of Alternative Testing Accommodations: Alisha Zmuda, 970-491-3574,

If you are physically off-campus while scheduling an exam (e.g., at your apartment, at a coffee shop, at your parents’ house) or are otherwise NOT using CSU WiFi you will need to:

Log in through the CSU Secure Network and the Duo dual authentication system.

If you are scheduling your exam while physically off-campus click on the following button.