December 6, 2017

Students: Schedule an Exam

Alternative Testing Accommodations:

The Alternative Testing Center at the Student Disability Center will be proctoring exams in person for on-campus classes.  

If you receive accommodations through the Student Disability Center and are taking, fall exams on campus please schedule those via the online scheduling portal found at the links below.  

If you receive reader/scribe accommodations, paper-based exam accommodations, assistive technology accommodations, or exams proctored by the SDC accommodations and are in an online course during the fall semester, please connect with the Alternative Testing Center over the phone at 970-491-3574 or via email at and/or to set up exams for the fall semester.  

If your Canvas exam does not show your extended time, DO NOT START, connect with your instructor and the SDC.  

If you are experiencing any issues receiving your accommodations or are concerned about how specific accommodations are being supported with online exams please connect with our Coordinator of Alternative Testing at or call the ATC at 970-491-3574, or connect with your accommodations specialist.  

For questions or concerns related to scheduling, or if you encounter any errors/bugs please connect with the SDC’s Coordinator of Alternative Testing Accommodations; Alisha Zmuda, 970-491-3574, 

Schedule Your Exams

If you are physically off-campus while scheduling an exam (e.g., at your apartment, at a coffee shop, at your parents’ house) or are otherwise NOT using CSU WiFi you will need to:

Log in through the CSU Secure Network and the Duo dual authentication system.

If you are scheduling your exam while physically off-campus click on the following button.

How to Schedule and View Upcoming Exams

  1. Click the appropriate button (on-campus or off-campus) and sign in using your colostate EID and password.
  2. Click “Schedule a test” with the blue book symbol for tests during the regular semester (Note: You will click “Schedule a final exam” for all final exams taken during finals week).
  3. Read through the intro and click “Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz.” You can also use the top toolbar and click “Schedule a test, mid-term, or quiz”
  4. Select course – select the course you are wishing to schedule exams for. If you want to schedule exams for multiple courses you will need to do one course at a time.
  5. Class test date and time
    • Select the date of the exam and enter the time you are planning on showing up at SDC (This will be the same time the class is taking the exam in the classroom, unless you and your instructor have both agreed to an alternative time and an email has been sent to the alternative testing coordinator with this agreement!).
    • Select the class duration (this is how long the class gets to take the exam – usually 50 minutes for MWF classes and 1 hour and 15 minutes for TR classes). For finals you will put in 120 minutes unless told otherwise by your instructor. The program will automatically calculate how long you get with extended time.
      • If the exam time extends past SDC open hours please give us a call and we will walk you through how to get that changed.
  6. Confirm instructor info – double-check their information is correct.
  7. Choose accommodations – please check all the accommodations you will use for this If one of your accommodations is not there, please contact SDC as soon as possible. (If an accommodation is not checked it will not be planned for at the time of your exam.) Exam time: double time = 2x; time and a half = 1.5x.
  8. Select your test time – this verifies the date and time. It will only change your time if your exam time does not fit within our open hours.
  9. Confirm and complete – confirm all the information is correct, click the “I acknowledge…” box, and click finish!
  10. An email will be sent to your instructor and they will confirm the information you provided. If you wish, you can return to the main menu and repeat the process to request additional exams.
  • You will need to do this individually for each of your tests. Unfortunately, at this time there is not a way to do a bulk schedule for each course, but we do ask that you get all of the exams you know about scheduled as soon as you find out in the semester.
  1. For scheduling final exams during the week of finals, you will Click on the Schedule Final tab instead of schedule quiz, midterm or test and follow the same steps listed above.
    • If you have a final taking place prior to finals week please schedule that through the quiz/midterm tab.
    • Finals tab is only for exams taking place DURING finals week!
  1. Please check with your instructors or the registrar’s office to ensure that you are scheduling finals for the correct time. The time of your finals will be different from your normal class period, and will usually be 2 hours or 120 minutes in length for the class.
  1. You will receive more information about scheduling final exams; including the date finals need to be scheduled, how to schedule finals, and how to move finals around if need be, as we move through the semester.
  1. Please follow the same instructions to login to the scheduling system with your eID.
  2. Click “Schedule a test” with the blue book symbol.
  3. On the top tool bar click “My upcoming events.”
  4. This will show you all the exams you have scheduled online. If there is an error on these exam times or dates, please contact SDC.