SDC Response to Senator Allegations of Sexual Harassment

SDC is aware of a Title IX report involving one of their senators. They share support for harm done to any impacted parties. SDC knows that individual experiences of sex and gender-based discrimination and harassment can occur on a wide spectrum of severity and pervasiveness, we know that these individual experiences also exist within a larger culture.  SDC remains committed to engaging all of their student employees and volunteers in ongoing education and training on sexual harassment, rape culture, and boundary setting.

If you or a loved one are in need of support related to sexual harassment, discrimination, or violence, please know that there is a non-judgmental and confidential resource called the Victim Assistant Team (VAT) available 24/7 at  (970) 492-4242 or chat with an advocate online from 1pm-4pm Monday thru Thursday at this link.

If you or someone your care about needs to make a Title IX report or wants to learn more about the Title IX process and resources please go here: