Spring 2023 Reminders


Welcome to the start of the spring 2023 semester. You are receiving this email because you have had contact with the Student Disability Center and have received accommodations or support from our office.  

We wanted to provide some important reminders about your accommodations. We ask that you please read this full email as this information is important for receiving your accommodations.   

Accommodation Renewal:

If you are taking classes this semester, and want to use your academic accommodations, please remember to submit an Accommodation Letter Request Form. You need to submit this form every semester that you would like to use your accommodations. Once we receive this form your accommodation specialist will send out updated accommodation letters to your instructors.  If you have already filled out this form for the fall semester, you do not need to submit it again.  

We recommend doing this as early as possible because your accommodations will not be put into place until we receive this form and accommodation letters are sent out. Remember that accommodations are not retroactive. 

If you change your schedule after submitting this form, please contact your accommodation specialist or submit the form again so we can make sure to your letters go to the correct instructors.  

If you would like to adjust your accommodations, please contact your accommodation specialist to discuss this. 

Accommodation Wording Updates:

Over the break, we updated some of the wording of our accommodations to help make things clearer for both students and instructors. We have not changed your accommodations, we’ve just rephrased things to help them be easier to understand. When your accommodation letters are sent out, please take a few minutes to read over the letter and the updated wording so you are familiar with the updated wording. Contact your Accommodation Specialist with any questions.  

Accommodation Issues:

Please remember that if you encounter any issues with instructors not providing your accommodations, you should contact the SDC or your Accommodation Specialist as soon as possible. Instructors cannot deny or change your accommodations on their own. There are some instances where accommodations may need to be adjusted due to the fundamental nature of a course. Any change to your accommodations will come from the SDC. 

Accessible Testing Accommodations:

For students who receive accessible testing accommodations through the SDC, once you receive your accommodations (and letters) for the semester you will be able to schedule exams through our office. For students in in-person classes, you will come to our main office in TILT 129 to take exams that are scheduled with us. You may also be assigned to our satellite testing center so please make sure you are checking emails regularly. You can schedule an exam by going to our main web page and clicking on Schedule an Exam.     

All semester exams need to be scheduled at least 7 days prior to the date and time the class is taking the exam in the classroom. All finals need to be schedule with our office one month in advance. You do need to take the exam at the same time and date as the class unless you receive written approval from your instructor allowing you to take the exam at an alternate time. That approval can be forwarded to the Accessible Testing Coordinator, Alisha Zmuda at Alisha.Zmuda@colostate.edu. You can also schedule all of your exams for the semester as soon as you receive your syllabus. You do not need to wait exactly 7 days prior to the exam to schedule it with our office. If there are any changes made throughout the semester to your exam schedule, and you have already scheduled exams with us, give us a call at 970-491-3574 or email us at sdctest@colostate.edu to make changes or cancel already scheduled exams.   

Accessible Text Accommodations:

For students who are approved for an accessible text accommodation, this is a friendly reminder that the earlier we receive your requests for accessible text, the sooner we will be able to provide you with your preferred format. Please submit an Accessible Textbook Request Form to request your accessible textbooks. Please contact the Interim Coordinator of Accessible Text Madi Steine at madison.steine@colostate.edu directly if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment. 

If you experience any barriers, please connect with us! We are here to support you!  

Take Care, 

Student Disability Center (SDC) Team