January 25, 2018

Faculty: Upload an Exam

Faculty Instructions to Approve and Upload an Exam

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you encounter any error/bugs, please contact the SDC Coordinator of Alternative Testing Accommodations:  Alisha Zmuda, 970-491-3574, alisha.zmuda@colostate.edu

Login Information

To upload an exam using a personal computer please follow the below steps.

  1. Download the GlobalProtect VPN client at GlobalProtect VPN Client Download Webpage.
  2. Download and set up DUO mobile dual authentication system at DUO mobile webpage.
  3. Log into the GlobalProtect VPN client on your personal device using your NetID and password.
  4. Authenticate your identity using DUO mobile.
  5. Open the upload webpage and click on the link below.
  6. Log in using your NetID and password.
  7. Move through the uploading process!

If you do not want to download the VPN client, please utilize a computer directly connected to CSU’s internet network on campus (i.e., Library computer, a department computer lab computer, or an office desktop computer).  

Even if you are using CSU NetID Wi-Fi, you are not guaranteed access to the scheduling page on a personal device. CSU’s Wi-Fi is not always stable and does not always create a secure connection to our website. Our site is considered a secure site by CSU and does require a secure connection to access the portal. The best option for logging into the schedule page on a personal device is by using the GlobalProtect VPN.

Additional Information for Faculty

Students must meet with the S.D.C. every semester and provide a letter of accommodation to each of their instructors before scheduling exams online.  Students must schedule their exams at least one week (7 days) prior to the exam date and are encouraged to schedule them all at the beginning of the semester.  The program will not allow an exam to be scheduled if short of 7 days and students must have S.D.C. approval to schedule it.

Once an exam is scheduled online, you will receive an email indicating the date and time the student entered the exam.  This is usually the same date and time the students in the classroom will be taking the exam unless you have made other arrangements with the student to take it at a different time.

At any point, you will be able to login to our online program with your C.S.U. E.I.D. and see the S.D.C. students registered in your class and the students’ accommodations.  You will also be able to approve the students’ exam time, provide exam conditions (e.g. scantrons, calculators, notes allowed?) and upload exams.  See information below for more instructions.

Instructions to approve students’ exams with the S.D.C.

To check exam dates and times that students have scheduled

  1. Click the appropriate link based on your location.
  2. Log in with your C.S.U. E.I.D.
  3. Click on “Courses”
  4. Select the course want to work with and click “Tests and Exams”
  5. Check the date and time – If it is not the correct date please change to the correct date and contact the student
  6. Check student’s name, dates, and times of exams
  7. Add the testing conditions for your exam and how you want RDS to deliver the exam back to you
  8. Upload exam if you are ready to do so (if you are not ready you can come back and do this later)
  9. Click “Submit Changes”

How to get your exam to the S.D.C.

You can either upload your exam to the website or you can bring the exam to the S.D.C.. The SDC will no longer be picking up exams unless there are unusual circumstances.  Please call the S.D.C. Coordinator of Alternative Testing Accommodations to discuss those circumstances.

Upload Exam: Please have the exam uploaded at least 4 hours before the exam. The online program will send you email reminders until you upload the exam. You only need to upload one exam per course and section.

  1. Click on the appropriate link based on your location
  2. Log in with C.S.U. E.I.D.
  3. Click on “Courses”
  4. Find the course you want and click “Tests and Exams”
  5. Find the exam date you want to upload the exam to and click “Submit File”
  6. Under “File Upload” click “select” and find the document you want to upload and click “Open”
  7. Click “Submit changes”

You can always go back and change the file by following the same instructions above and Click “Review file.” You can remove the old exam and upload a new one if you need to.