Welcome to the new semester

Welcome to a new school year to new and returning students!

And welcome to our new website.  A new year and website as well as a new building and name for us!  We are now located in TILT building on the oval and we are now called Student Disability Center (formerly Resource for Disabled Students).

If you will need accommodations due to a disability or chronic physical and mental health condition, please contact the office as soon as possible.

New students MUST meet with one of our accommodation specialists before any accommodation will be implemented.  Once you meet with a specialist, you will be given accommodation letters to give to each of your instructors that let them know what adjustments might be needed in order for you to participate in the course effectively.  Please call 970-491-6385 to set up an appointment.  Caution:  The longer you wait to call, the longer you may need to wait until a specialist is available.

For returning students, come in and fill out a ‘yellow’ accommodation request form and your accommodation letters will be ready for you in about 3 days for you to pick up for your instructors.