Welcome to the Spring 2019 Semester

Happy new year and welcome to the new semester.

Spring Semester Accommodations

If you will need accommodations due to a disability or chronic physical and mental health condition, please contact the office as soon as possible.

New students need to meet with one of our accommodation specialists before any accommodation will be implemented. Once you meet with a specialist, you will be given accommodation letters to give to each of your instructors that let them know what accommodations you might be needing in order for you to participate in the course. Please call 970-491-6385 to set up an appointment.

For returning students, come in and fill out a ‘yellow’ accommodation request form and your accommodation letters will be ready for you in about a week for you to pick up and give to your instructors.

Remember, accommodations cannot be put into place retroactively; so please come into the office as soon as possible.

Final Exams Scheduling Date Changed

Due to the high volume of exams the SDC proctors during finals week we have changed the deadline for submitting requests to take final exams in the SDC. Final exam requests are now due one month before the start of finals week. This means all final exam requests must be submitted to the SDC by April 15,2019. Please login to the online scheduling system and schedule your final exams. If you have any questions about this please contact Alisha Zmuda (alisha.zmuda@colostate.edu).

SDC Express

Don’t forget about the SDC Express office located in the Lory Student Center (room 223). This is meant to be a space for students where you can take a break between classes, eat lunch, do homework, or watch TV. SDC Express is open during normal business hours, so feel free to go in and enjoy the space.