January 30, 2018

Report an Access Barrier

Physical Barriers

If you encounter a physical barrier that is preventing you from having equal access to a university building or area, you can report it to Facilitates Management or our office.

For minor or weather-related barriers please contact Facilities Management.

Facilitates Management Dispatch


Barriers can include:

  • Ramps blocked by snow
  • Snow blocked paths
  • Non-functioning door openers

For major barriers or access issues please contact our office


Barriers can include:

  • Non-functioning elevators
  • Damaged curb-cuts
  • Issues with accessible restrooms

If you have a class that is located in a classroom that is not accessible please contact our office and a staff member will work to have the class moved to an accessible classroom.

Digital Barriers

If you encounter a barrier that is preventing you access to university electronic information or technology, you can contact the Assistive Technology Resource Center.

Assistive Technology Resource Center


Barriers can include:

  • Websites or electronic files that are not accessible through use of assistive technology
  • Videos that are notcaptioned